Welcome to our gastronomic space.

La Boscana offers to you the possibility of making a different and special gift, a gastronomic experience as unique as the person you want to please.

As a guest, you are special and unique. For this reason, we would appreciate that you let us know your priorities when choosing. Doing this is quite easy; send us an email to reserves@laboscana.nettelling us whom the gift is for and which gastronomic menu you would like to enjoy.To choose any of our three menus visit the restaurant / menu section of our website; here, you can find about our gastronomic proposals.

Also, tell us if you choose the Wine pairing Option. Our wine proposal is perfectly aligned with each dish presented in our menus. If you do not like the match, you can select a bottle of wine.

Our advice is that the experience can be perfectly prepared, organized, and in accordance with each one’s expectations; that is why we emphasize on the importance of selecting any of these options:

  • Tasting menu to choose
  • Wine Pairing option or a bottle of wine
  • Water and coffee

Once we have all the detailed information, we will send you the Boscana gift boucher via email, or, if you prefer, you can drop by and pick it up in our Restaurant.

* If the gift voucher does not include drinks, the invited couple can choose the drink at the restaurant and pay it in the day you booked for.
* For the payment, the restaurant will send you the amount you must pay and the account number so that you can make the payment as specified in the gift voucher.
* The gift is valid once we confirm that you have made the payment and from there you can make the reservation.