Joel Castanyé Daniel

Executive chef and owner since 2009 of La Boscana restaurant, Joel is the youngest of the three Castanyé brothers. He was trained at the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Lleida and the University School of Hospitality and Tourism of San Pol de Mar.
He worked in some prestigious establishments such as Neichel, Xavier Pellicer's Restaurant Abac and Bulli Catering.
Joel and his family open the doors of La Boscana in more than 60,000 square meters of dining rooms, gardens and gastronomic spaces that form an exclusive space to enjoy contemporary Catalan cuisine.
In November 2014, the gastronomic restaurant in La Boscana opens and two years after opening in November 2016, the restaurant and Joel receive the Michelin star.
In the 2018 edition, the Repsol Guide awarded the restaurant Un Repsol Sun and in 2020 it receives the second Repsol Sun.
In 2018 Joel is awarded as a revelation Chef by the Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition.
In addition, the restaurant has been awarded the CARTAVI awards for three consecutive years by the Catalan Wine Association.

Main equip

Robert Vidal Triquell
Chaimaa Ben Ammar
Josep María Penella Pons
Crémieux Ndiaye
María Ángeles Chiriboga
Albert Graells Feliu
Hortensi Carrera Ribes
Jordi Castañé Argilés
Jordi Vidal Capell
Frederic Wilhelm Miralles
Laia Farré Roselló