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spread the bread with the scent

La boscana is a restaurant serving traditional cuisine but without leaving innovation aside. We use and handle top-quality raw materials with great exquisiteness, often from our garden or the neighborhood, and once they are prepared, a variety of textures and flavors are suggested. We are convinced that authentic tastes are those that remain over time as there are certain dishes that have persisted and will always prevail

Cannelloni with fresh pasta

The stuffing of the cannelloni is smoothed with bread soaked in milk. Then it is crushed to obtain tasty pasta. This dish is intended to pay tribute to mothers who usually prepare delicious homemade cannelloni.

Candied pork ribs

Ribs are sauté with the “bresa” (mixed vegetebles combination) so they get their characteristic color. Then they are cooked at low heat for 24 hours and served with a rib sauce. This is the resquitx´s traditional dish which represents the territory

Curd with three different textures

A dessert with three different textures accompanied with frozen crumble grated in small quantities. This is a complex and elegant dish which reminds us that sometimes the dessert can also become the leading character of the table.