Celebrations and events tailored to your needs

We know the importance food has when determining our guests’ successful dining experience. For this reason, we prepare the food the same day of the event. Is special treatment we give to the wedding; we invite the parents of the couple, who always come before, to enter the kitchen so they can see how it works in a special day

Crawfish tartare

The best characteristic of this tasty dish is the excellent quality and freshness of the crawfish as we ellaborate them ‘a la minut’, a technique that allows to taste seafood and the spiced and citrus seasoning in their entire flavor.”.


This is what we make with this exquisite stew…. we marinade the meat and vegetables in a high-quality red wine. We do not add wine just for the sake of it, but because we know that the quality of the wine is very important at the time of stewing. Finally, we cook it as a stew


It is our version of the catalan cream to which we add passion fruit, coconut and mint.