cold appetizers

Natural oysters / white Garlic sauce / 4,5€ per unit

White asparagus with miso vinaigrette / 25

Homemade pizza of la boscana / 28€

Beef ‘Rubia gallega’: 3 weeks Dry-aged and Toasts with tomato / 30€

hot appetizers

Poulet de Bresse soup / 22€ 

Tagliatella carbonara / 25€ 

White asparagus with dried fish roe / 25€

Mother Roser’s traditional cannelloni / 25€

‘Foie gras’ scalded with ginger and lime broth / 30€

Sea cucumber with pork jowl / 35€


Dover sole with ‘beurre blanc’ / 30€

Fish of the day: with fish soup emulsified in oil  / 35€


Galician beef with sauce of their own bones (100 g) / 15€

Lamb shoulder in red wine / 30€

Suckling pig cooked in two different ways / 30€

Stuffed pigeon (for two persons) / 50€ 

10% VAT included
Bread, olive oil, and sweets service  3,5

Weekdays menu

Price per person 55€

(from wednesday - to friday lunch)

10% VAT Included

Bread and olive oil service included
Drinks not included

Wine pairing

Price per person 25€ per persona

10% VAT Included

Classic menu

Price per person 65€ 

10% VAT  included 

Bread and olive oil included
Drinks not included

Wine pairing service

Wine pairing per person 25€ 

10% VAT included 

Great Classic Menu

Price per persons 98€

10% VAT included
Bread and olive oil included
Drinks not included

Service wine pairing

Wine pairing price 35€ each person

10% VAT included

La Boscana Menu

Price per person 125€

10% VAT included
Bread, olive oil, and sweets service included
Drinks not included

Price of wine pairing per person 50€ 

10% VAT included

The chef also offers you to extend this menu with 5 more tapas (appetizers).  Price per person 150€


With chocolate

Chocolate: in ‘soufflé and ginger ice cream


Black truffle flan

Warm almond cake and raspberry

With Fruit

Orange Biscuit

All the desserts are 12 €

10% VAT included

Wine list

Our wine cellar counts with more than four hundred varieties of wines including our notable local brands and from other international wineries in the rest of Spain, Germany, France and Hungary. What is even more, we received the award CARTAVI three consecutive years. Also, we offer wine pairing service.

la bodega de la boscana